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2023 Whiskey Sell-Off

January 14, 2023 @ 9:00 am

Winter Edition

Put this on your Whiskey CALENDAR.

Date: January 14th, 2023
Time: 9:00am
Location: Everett’s Warehouse
Everett’s Warehouse (Please use FRONT Entrance)
Line forms in front of building (from the MAIN entrance)

In-Person Event

On the morning of January 14th, 2023, beginning at 9am we will unlock the doors to our store to conduct the sale of premium, highly allocated whiskies.

Customers will be asked to line up prior to 9am on January 14th in the order that they arrived. PLEASE absolutely no line jumping or other Tom Foolery. Customers not complying will be asked to leave if they violate any rule of hospitality to others or the event space.

Every two minutes we will allow inside, two people to buy any whiskey they desire. Of course, we will have limits on how many of a certain bottle you can purchase, but we will allow you as much variety as you wish.

Please remember to do any extra-curricular trading or purchasing away from Everett’s property. We do not sanction any secondary marketing of any whiskies purchased at Everett’s.

The list of allocated whiskies will be placed on a (1) SINGLE table in the warehouse. Each bottle will be numbered 1 thru 12. The customer will roll a pair of dice at the table, and depending what number they roll, that will decide which whiskey they will be given a choice to buy. Customer will be given the choice to pass or buy, no more than (1) bottle can be purchased.

You will have exactly two minutes to pick your whiskies, roll the dice, and exit the space for the next two people.

Upon picking your whiskies, please proceed either to the check-out counter located in the warehouse or the registers in the front of the store to pay for your purchases. Maintain your receipt so that in the event of potential theft your contents can be searched by a member of the Everett’s management team.

Everett’s will provide two lists of whiskies that will be for sale that day as well the number of bottles available and the prices. Prices are based on our allocations from our suppliers. Supply and Demand. Please, remember you have the option of not purchasing any whiskey that we will be selling.   

A list will be made available to the public (1) day prior on-line as well as in store before the event. Posted on our Facebook page and our Web-Site.

(Everett’s maintains the authority to change pricing or availability on or before 1/14 at 9am)

This ‘Sell-Off’ will last until the last person in line has had a chance to fulfill their whiskey buying limit or until we want to go home. All unsold Whiskey will be available for purchase with limited restrictions after the line has been exhausted.

Click the links below to download the lists:
2023 Whiskey Dice Roll
2023 Whiskey Fest General Pricing



January 14, 2023
9:00 am


Everett’s Warehouse