In 1934, shortly after the end of Prohibition, Everett and Margaret Chapel started in the tavern business just across the Wisconsin border in South Beloit Illinois. After one year of good business they outgrew their building and moved to a larger building one mile farther south on Blackhawk Boulevard. Two years later after growing weary of the bar business, they moved to Everett’s present location on Gardner Street and decided to sell package goods only.

In the spring of 1938 a flood devastated the store. In 1939 the Chapels decided to purchase the building and expand what is now a small part of our current location. Later in 1939 after a fire, Everett and Margaret’s son Gerald started working at the store cleaning and stocking shelves. In 1950 after one year of college, Gerald decided to join his parents in business, but in 1952 was drafted to fight in the Korean War. In 1953 he returned to manage the store.

By 1975 Everett had retired and Gerald bought the store and it’s property. Soon after, Gerald’s son Brian, at the age of 12, began cleaning and stocking shelves. In 1979 Gerald purchased the adjacent land and added more parking. Brian became President of the Corporation in 2001.

Five generations of Chapels have worked in the store: Everett’s father Ralph, Everett and Margaret, Everett’s son Gerald and his wife Helen, Everett’s daughter Joan, Gerald’s son Brian and his wife Penny, Gerald’s daughter Nancy and Brian’s son Bryan.

Contact Information

426 Gardner St.
South Beloit, IL 61080
Ph: 815-389-3606