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Whisky Fest 2019

November 30, 2019 @ 1:00 pm

Everett’s Whiskey Fest, and will be held on Saturday, November 30th. Doors open at for an hour-long sampling of some the finest Bourbon whiskey. We will begin the Lottery at 1pm in the Main warehouse.

Entrance Tickets are all sold only in advance no Tickets are available at the day of the event.

Each person can PURCHASE (ONLY) one (virtual)(will-call)entrance ticket. Please bring your ID to verify. Upon your arrival you’ll be given (10) individual tickets for placement into canisters that represent each limited Bourbon. Next to each of the whiskies will be said (Canisters) where you can deposit your tickets for a chance to win the right to PURCHASE one bottle. You can distribute your ten tickets any way you like. You can place a ticket for a chance at all the whiskies, or you can go for broke and put all your tickets in one canister to try to win that one coveted bottle, or anything in between. If your number is called, you have the right to purchase that bottle. Please, do not accept (said) bottle if you are not going to purchase (said) bottle. The goal is sell everything that day.. If you have already won that bottle, you cannot win it again, and we will draw another number. You may only win up to (2) different bottles at the event.

Tickets are $25, and there is a one ticket limit per person. All tickets are ‘Will-Call’ Tickets. Your name will be on a list, if your name is not on the list you will not gain entry into the event. No TRANSFERS are allowed you must be the person on the list. No guests are allowed entry into the event. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID ID TO ENTER. Drivers License, State Issued ID, Passport or Military ID, these are the only forms of Identification allowed for entry into the event.

There are 175 tickets available. Tickets GO on-sale at 11am on the 23rd of November.

Click Here To Buy Tickets

Here are some of the Whiskies that will be available for the ‘Ticket Drop’

Name, (Total # of bottles), (Bottles per person), Price per bottle
Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond 2 Bottles $79.99
Parker Heritage 8-Year-Old 2 Bottles $129.99
Blaum Bros Oldfangled Knotter 114.0 Proof 3 Bottles $129.99
Blaum Bros Oldfangled Knotter 106.6 Proof 3 Bottles $129.99
Blaum Bros Oldfangled Knotter 105.7 Proof 2 Bottles $129.99
Weller Full Proof 2 Bottles $119.99
Weller CYPG (2019) 2 Bottles $119.99
Weller 12yr Old 10 Bottles $79.99
Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 3 Bottles $169.99
Little Book (Chapter 3 – “The Road Home”) 3 Bottles $149.99
Whistle Pig Boss Hog Black Prince 5th Edition 3 Bottles $499.99
Barrel #7 13-Year-Old 115.8 Proof
Rock Hill Farms 3 Bottles $89.99
Hancock Reserve 3 Bottles $79.99
A Mid-Winters Night Dram Act 7 6 Bottles $129.99
1792 12-Year-Old 2 Bottles $119.99
Foragers Keep 26-Year-Old 1 Bottle $499.99
Old Fitzgerald BIB 13-Year-Old 3 Bottles $299.99
E.H. Taylor Amaranth 2 Bottles $179.99
E.H. Taylor UnCut/UnFiltered Barrel Strength 2 Bottles $119.99
George T Stagg 116.9 Proof 9 Bottles $149.99
Thomas Handy Rye 125.7 Proof 2 Bottles $149.99
William LeRue Weller 128.0 Proof 2 Bottles $149.99
Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old (Summer) 1 Bottle $199.99
Rip Van Winkle 10yr 107 Proof 6 Bottles $119.99
Van Winkle 12yr Old 6 Bottles $129.99
Pappy Van Winkle 15yr Old 3 Bottles $199.99
Pappy Van Winkle 20yr Old 1 Bottle $299.99
Pappy Van Winkle 23rd Old 1 Bottle $399.99

Willet Single Barrel Whiskies

Name, (Total # of bottles), (Bottles per person), Price per bottle
‘Mellancamping’ 101/186 1 Bottle $159.99
‘Loretto Rose’ 9/190 1 Bottle $159.99
‘Riot of Brown Fire’ 122/180 1 Bottle $159.99
‘Diverged in Wood’ 22/164 1 Bottle $199.99
‘Mercy & Grand’ 67/166 1 Bottle $199.99
‘Time, Gentleman Please’ 120/200 1 Bottle $199.99
‘Rok Sey’ 22/200 1 Bottle $199.99
‘Hello, Wednesday’ 151/188 1 Bottle $199.99

The tasting will be happening prior to and alongside the drawings. We plan on having a few of our suppliers pouring some pretty interesting whiskies from all over America.

There is a lot going on at Whiskey Fest. So hurry and grab your ticket to the biggest whiskey event in the area! See you there!

If you have any questions please feel free to call the store and ask for Matt, 815-389-3606.

Good Luck and see you soon,

Brian and Matt


November 30, 2019
1:00 pm